Hire The Best People In 2019 For Your Dental Practice With These Tips


Most dental clinics are in a hurry when it comes to filling up the vacancy in their clinics. However, it’s not always the better option to hire the first person you meet for the job. A bad hire can cost you not just in money but wastage of time as well.

Here’s a Look at Some Steps That Will Help in Hiring Educated and Talented Staff for Your Clinic:

  • Develop detailed job descriptions

Preparing a detailed job description is an important part of the hiring process. The job description creates an outline of the skill set demanded by the profile and roles and responsibilities of the job. This helps people in analyzing while applying if they fit your expectations or not.

  • Make your job listings stand out

You need to come up with job listings in attractive words so that it stands out. Describe the role and target the ads to position that you are hiring. Try to put all required information that applicants may find relevant.

  • Carefully review resumés

You can’t judge a candidate only on the basis of an impressive resume. You must see if there is a large gap in the employment history or there is no chronological record of the employment or job details.

  • Conduct phone interviews

Many dental clinics skip this important step and straight away schedule in-person interviews. It is a good opportunity to learn about the candidate during the 20 minute phone interview and you can save time interviewing several candidates in person.

  • Ask open-ended questions

The open-ended questions during the face-to-face interviews will help you in analyzing their responses. If the answers are vague, it can be a red flag.

  • Conduct pre-employment testing

The pre-employment testing and personality temperament tests can help you in deciding if the candidate is a good fit before you send them the offer letter.

  • Check references

You must ask the candidates for the references and contact them to find out about the credibility of the applicant and the information they have provided.