Noura Benrahou – Director of Hygiene

Noura Benrahou is the Director of Hygiene at Aligned Dental Partners and provides professional coaching specific to dental hygiene and practice management. Noura has advanced experience in dental practice growth and increasing hygiene profitability. She specialized in dental coding, treatment acceptance, anesthesia, periodontology, practice management, dental data analytics, and
provider-to-patient education/verbiage. She’s helped start and manage several start-up dental practices and has personally produced over $600k a year consecutively to achieve record-breaking numbers as one of the most productive hygienists in the country.

Before joining Aligned Dental Partners, Noura held positions as a top dental hygiene consultant for two of the nation’s highly acclaimed dental support organizations. She’s trained and coached hundreds of providers nationwide and continues to prove herself to be a leader amongst dental clinical optimization. In 2020, her success led her to eventually founding her own dental hygiene consulting company “NuDental.” Her mission was to provide dental offices with the necessary foundation to build a results-driven hygiene department. Joining forces with Aligned Dental Partners has given Noura the cutting edge to take her skills to the next level of dental practice optimization.

In her previous years as clinical hygienist and running dental practices, Noura developed her own structure and method of treating patients that translated to the entire practice. Her protocol and system were a driver for practice growth. Not only was this structure lucrative and productive, but patients loved it because they felt like they’re receiving true quality care and attention from both the dentist and hygienist. Imagine a practice where you didn’t have to see hundreds of patients a week to make ends meet. Her mantra is “quality of care over quantity of care.”

Noura is a Registered Dental Hygienist by trade and holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Central Florida. Noura can be reached at [email protected]