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Brad Hutchison – Co-Founder,
Station Dental Group

Dr. Miranda Hutchison – Co-Founder,
Station Dental Group

Dr. Alex Planes – CEO,
Planes Dental Partners

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John Cucinotta – CEO,
Intermedia Group

Dr. Brad Harmon – Co-Founder & CCO,
Jubilant Dental Partners

Jake Koetter – CFO,
Jubilant Dental Partners

David Schellenberger Co-Founder & CEO,
Jubilant Dental Partners

Dr. Kevin Guze – Founder,
WorkWell Dental Group

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Dr. Naved Fatmi – Founder,
Dental Health & Wellness

Jason Harris – Director of HR,
Vision Dental Partners

Dr. Jack Hou – Co-Founder,

  • Aligned Dental Partners orchestrated the successful merger and integration of four dental companies to form a 12-office DSO.

    "We chose Aligned Dental Partners upon recommendation because we realized our approach wasn’t working. Prior to bringing on Aligned Dental Partners, we had spent 18 months and a large amount of money with great intentions but poor execution simply because we didn’t know what we didn’t know. ADP was integral in forcing us to, as Dr. Alex Giannini likes to say, “back the truck up” to get the fundamentals in place before we headed down the wrong path and spent more money in areas that weren’t effective in building a true DSO. I have no doubt their systematic approach helped us identify the necessary ingredients and match those with a schedule of responsibilities and deadlines that pushed us toward success. We were able to see the project through not only under budget, but faster than where we would have otherwise been going it alone. It’s still early in our formation, but so far I know it was a good choice and I’d do it again knowing what I know now. I just might start with them earlier to save time, money, and frustration."

    – Dr. Cody Mast

  • Aligned Dental Partners helped this rapidly expanding 7-location DSO double the number of locations, build their operational platform, increase EBITDA, and continue to grow organically.

    "Aligned Dental Partners and their team are truly the best consulting firm I’ve ever worked with. They’re professional, thoughtful, diligent, and wise!"

    – Melise Gaydos
    Director of Operations

  • "We found great success and synergy with Aligned Dental Partners in our analytical and formation phases and are poised for rapid growth. Incredible partnership all the way around! … [Their] insights into the industry and deep understanding of the profession made it seamless from initiation to completion. A long way to go to hit our goals but the pre-merger work has laid out a clear path a process to move forward. We very much look forward to our continued partnership and in assisting in helping others like us to achieve their goals and amplify their success!

    – Dr. J Kyle

  • Aligned Dental Partners worked dilegently on strategy and operations with e45 to merge their companies and scale their group to become a successful DSO. From the legal structure to procurement and much more, ADP helped elevate the solo practices to a group.

    "Working with ADP has truly advanced our growth rate much faster than we were able to do on our own. They helped us become more targeted in our desire to grow our group both internally with organic growth and externally by acquisitions. Their guidance has allowed us to make better growth decisions, that without it, we may have made decisions that would have stalled our growth. I can’t recommend them enough if you are looking to grow."

    – Dr. Jamie Definnis

  • Aligned Dental Partners guided this quickly growing group in Kentucky to create proper infrastructure to support a group of dental practices including GP and specialty locations.

    "We have been with Aligned Dental Partners for a little over two months now. Immediately we felt a weight lifted off our shoulders as they were able to help provide direction and systems in solving large problems that have burdened our group. Rather than just identifying and discussing issues, we are now creating workplans and executing. Dr. G, Chris, John, and Christina make a great team; each bringing different areas of expertise allowing them to help DSOs of all sizes grow and scale. Even though we are reluctant to share them, we would recommend them to anyone!"

    – David Schellenberger

  • Aligned Dental Partners strategized to create the merger of 15 dental companies, with 20 founding partners in Washington State. The new doctor-owned, doctor-led company operates 21 general dental and periodontic practice locations throughout the greater Seattle area.

    "We wouldn’t get the opportunity to launch our DSO without Aligned Dental Partners. The key here is in the name. They were true partners with us in forming this company. Chris McClure, John McClure, and Dr. Alex Giannini and their team kept us on the road…They offered insight, options, and information in a manner that felt like they were supporting the individual dentist partners’ best interests, but also nurturing the vision for Evident Alliance at the same time. I feel a bit like there was a parental dynamic happening. Anyone with kids knows that we’ll get out the door quicker if we tie their shoes for them. Aligned never tied our shoes for us, rather they helped us learn to do that for ourselves."

    – Dr. Shane Ness
    Co-Founder Evident Alliance

  • Martin Dental Group is a growing 5-office DSO in Kingsport, TN. Aligned Dental Partners has supported this company by providing stretegic guidence related to the development of their support platform. ADP has also helped this organization grow organically and via acquisition.

    "Choosing Aligned Dental Partners as our strategic consulting partner has exceeded our expectations. We have worked with several consultants, and what is unique about ADP is that they offer a total package of expertise and guidance at every level, from daily practice-level operations to corporate-level strategy. We have always appreciated the fact that we can count on Dr. G, Chris, and John for strategic guidance for our dental company; there is almost nothing that they have not seen at least once. Blair has been key to the development of our young corporate and management teams. She delivers in person and via virtual leadership coaching and regular operational guidance, which has led us to record production months and helped optimize our company communication, culture, and the efficiency of our systems. We are looking forward to continued partnership with ADP as we continue to scale and grow our business!"

    – Dustin Mohr
    COO Martin Dental Group

  • Prime Dental is a rapidly growing 5-office DSO in Dallas TX. Aligned Dental Partners oversaw the merger and launch of this company and helps this organization to grow organically and via acquisition.

    "Aligned Dental Partners is the best in the business when it comes to helping to grow a dental company. They helped me solve complex challenges with various partnerships, acquire more offices, and make my company more profitable. Dr. Giannini, and Chris and John and their team, know how to solve any problem that I throw at them! We wouldn’t be where we are today without their strategic and operational support."

    – Dr. An Le
    CEO Prime Dental
Aligned Dental Partners’ management team has been supporting the business of dentistry for over thirty years. Here are a few of the groups and DSOs that we’ve proudly founded, scaled, or supported: