Dental Business Consulting: Our Story

Support for Dentists and their Businesses

Aligned Dental Partners was founded on the basic principle that dental practices perform better when aligned with maintaining growth, staff recruitment, human resources, and transition planning. When these functions are supported by a team of experts, the practice of dentistry becomes seamless. Aligned Dental Partners provides a comprehensive solution to these management functions and partners with practices to drive growth.

Experts in the Business of Dentistry

Aligned Dental Partners’ leadership team has successfully worked with 1,000s of practices throughout North America in both consulting and practice management capacities. Through this experience, we have identified that dentists need expert support in most non-clinical areas in order to eliminate distractions and maintain profitable growth. While many dentists seek a “quick fix” through a CE course or a team training, these results are rarely permanent as implementation lasts only as long as training is provided and can be disrupted through staff turnover or non-compliance. Traditional dental consulting requires the practice to implement “systems” with little accountability or ongoing support. We take an innovative approach and become a member of the team to help perform these systems directly for the practice thus allowing the doctor and team to focus on performing dentistry.

Dr. Alex Giannini – Co-Founder,
Aligned Dental Partners

Transition Planning for Dental Practices

As dentists progress through the life cycle of their practice, performance will have a major impact on its value. Often times, achieving a successful transition is critical for a dentist’s retirement. In fact, many dentists rely solely on this sale to fund retirement, yet do not have a plan in place to do so. Stagnation or decline in late career, coupled with poor planning, can make it nearly impossible to effectively transition. Aligned Dental Partners works closely with each dentist to understand their unique needs, maximize their time chairside, and build a transition plan allowing the dentist to capitalize on a future sale. Our clients find great peace of mind knowing that Aligned Dental Partners has successfully assisted with transition planning for hundreds of practices.

Chris McClure – Co-Founder,
Aligned Dental Partners

Our Innovative Dental Consulting Company

As a leader in dental consulting, Aligned Dental Partners works with emerging DSOs, group practices, and entrepreneurial dentists. Practitioners work with Aligned Dental Partners to reduce their stress, become more productive and efficient, and drastically increase their practice or group’s value. We help dental companies centralize their non-clinical functions and support their management teams, allowing dentists to focus on patient care.

Every dental office has its own unique culture and way of practicing. Our philosophy is to maintain a doctor-owned and doctor-led model and provide support in areas on which the dentist wishes not to focus.

John McClure – Co-Founder,
Aligned Dental Partners

Consulting and Management Support for All Dentists

Aligned Dental Partners was founded in 2016 based on the void in the dental industry of true alignment between dentists and management support. We form partnerships with our clients that can benefit practices or groups of all sizes and demographics. Our goal is to build upon the current state of the practice without disrupting the practice’s culture, existing team, or clinical philosophy. These core components are unique in each practice and are critical to maintaining each office’s individuality. We believe in a dentist-led practice and the importance of strong leadership skills. We provide comprehensive leadership training for clinicians so they can be the drivers of their own success.

Our leadership team is dentist-driven, containing the foremost industry experts with decades of experience in dental consulting, practice operations, solo and group practice development, DSO formation, practice finance, and building high-value exit strategies.

For more information on our leadership team, please visit our Leadership Page.