Empower Your Practice with Doctor Coaching Services

Doctor Coaching and Leadership Program

This consulting program is designed to enhance doctors’ leadership skills, verbal skills, and interpersonal relationships with their teams and patients. With specialized dental coaching, we focus on further developing these critical areas, ensuring that practitioners not only excel in their clinical roles but also thrive in managing and motivating their teams. Our program includes dental coaching with customized strategies to help doctors strengthen their practices, leading to better patient care and practice growth.The goals of this program include:

  • Doctor development
    • Encourage leadership and personal development of your doctor team
    • Provide motivation and individualized coaching to each doctor
    • Give positive feedback and have crucial conversations to doctors regarding their leadership, communication, and clinical standards
    • Ensure compliance to clinical expectations, the standard of care, and company goals
  • Doctor Mentorship
    • Build and sustain strong/positive professional relationships with each doctor and measured by surveying doctors
    • Build trust through frequent, open, and honest communication with each doctor
    • Understand the professional goals of each doctor and goals for the office
    • Connect and understand the personal goals of each doctor
  • Setting and Achieving Personal and Production Goals
    • Develop realistic goals with each doctor and team and provide the tools and resources to achieve success
    • Monitor and forecast progress monthly utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Develop and foster a harmonious environment between Doctors and Team
    • Ensure that doctors have effective and positive communication and leadership skills that will promote the professional and personal growth of the entire team
    • Facilitate the use of proven systems to document and communicate in a streamlined manner
    • Follow best practices in customer service to ensure an excellent patient experience
  • Training and accountability for Doctor and Team
    • Utilize documented clinical protocols and provide a training course on a consistent basis
    • Deliver case presentation training
    • Implement a chart audit process
    • Develop improvement plans as needed to effectively coach doctors

The following are the tools and methodologies utilized with this consulting module:

  • SWOT - assessing Doctor
  • DiSC - understanding communications styles and leadership skills
  • ToPS- patient communication skills
  • Leadership and Culture Development utilizing Executive Dental leadership development course
  • Dental Bootcamp
  • Verbal Skills and Scripting Training that facilitate clinical closure of case, creating urgency, increasing case acceptance
  • Clinical Chart Audits - by reviewing charts, use as tool to promote doctor education about how to provide comprehensive lifetime care. Allows for evaluation of clinical skills and direct to courses as needed.

Program Logistics

    1. Discovery Session Phone Call with Clinical Director to understand the current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities
    2. Chart Audits to identify clinical competency and adherence to clinical protocols
    3. Onsite Visit to perform observation and provide initial feedback
    4. Remote training, support, and coaching sessions


Our doctor coaching program at Aligned Dental Partners is designed to enhance all aspects of your dental practice. Work with our experienced oral health coach to improve leadership, communication, and relationships with teams and patients. Our established approach focuses on excellence in clinical skills, practice management and team motivation. Through our in-depth program, we aim to foster a cohesive and productive dental practice environment, ultimately leading to better patient care and business growth.

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Aligned Dental Partners’ leadership team will oversee the implementation of this program and will be led by Dr. Zana Alnaqib:

Dr. Zana serves as a Clinical Director for Aligned Dental Partners. She assists her clients by helping doctors overcome barriers and gain the confidence to achieve their goals as a clinician and leaders.  Dr. Zana has been practicing dentistry for 26 years. She is a graduate of the University of Illinois and The Ohio State University College of Dentistry. She practiced in Zanesville, Ohio for 13 years before relocating to Arizona with her family.

As a practicing dentist, Dr. Zana is passionate about providing her patients with comprehensive lifetime care for her patients. She is LVI trained in Advanced Cosmetic procedures and is an Invisalign premier provider.

Dr. Zana has two adult sons. Her oldest son is a graduate of the University of Arizona and currently is a second-year medical student at Midwestern University. Her youngest son is a Junior studying Philosophy at the University of California Santa Barbara, hoping to pursue a career in law. He also plays soccer for the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos men’s soccer team. Dr. Zana also enjoys hiking, cooking, and traveling in her spare time.


Dr. Zana Alnaqib
Clinical Director