Clinical Analysis

This consulting program is designed to enhance doctors’ leadership skills, verbal skills, and interpersonal relationships with their teams and patients. The goals of this program include:

  • Doctor development
    • Encourage leadership and personal development of your doctor team
    • Provide motivation and individualized coaching to each doctor
    • Give positive feedback and have crucial conversations to doctors regarding their leadership, communication, and clinical standards
    • Ensure compliance to clinical expectations, the standard of care, and company goals
  • Doctor Mentorship
    • Build and sustain strong/positive professional relationships with each doctor and measured by surveying doctors
    • Build trust through frequent, open, and honest communication with each doctor
    • Understand the professional goals of each doctor and goals for the office
    • Connect and understand the personal goals of each doctor
  • Setting and Achieving Personal and Production Goals
    • Develop realistic goals with each doctor and team and provide the tools and resources to achieve success
    • Monitor and forecast progress monthly utilizing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • Develop and foster a harmonious environment between Doctors and Team
    • Ensure that doctors have effective and positive communication and leadership skills that will promote the professional and personal growth of the entire team
    • Facilitate the use of proven systems to document and communicate in a streamlined manner
    • Follow best practices in customer service to ensure an excellent patient experience
  • Training and accountability for Doctor and Team
    • Utilize documented clinical protocols and provide a training course on a consistent basis
    • Deliver case presentation training
    • Implement a chart audit process
    • Develop improvement plans as needed to effectively coach doctors


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