Grow Your Group Practice Faster & Easier

Business solutions to increase EBITDA, acquire offices, and grow value

Grow Your Group Practice Faster & Easier

Business solutions to increase EBITDA, acquire offices, and grow value

Grow Your Group Practice Faster & Easier

Business solutions to increase EBITDA, acquire offices, and grow value

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Our Innovative Dental Consulting Company

As a leader in dental consulting, Aligned Dental Partners works with emerging DSOs, group practices, and entrepreneurial dentists. Practitioners work with Aligned Dental Partners to reduce their stress, become more productive and efficient, and drastically increase their practice or group’s value. We help dental companies centralize their non-clinical functions and support their management teams, allowing dentists to focus on patient care.
Every dental office has its own unique culture and way of practicing. Our philosophy is to maintain a doctor-owned and doctor-led model and provide support in areas that the dentist decides not to focus on so they can put their energy and skill elsewhere.

Managing Your Dental Group Or DSO

Managing a dental group or Dental Support Organization in today’s increasingly consolidated landscape comes with new challenges in Human Resources, Accounting, Revenue Cycle Management, Capital Sourcing, Marketing and Procurement. Aligned Dental Partners provides and builds solutions to solve these challenges, grow revenue, and increase profitability.
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Achieving Premium Value For Your Dental Group

To successfully earn a premium valuation in today’s market, dentists typically need 5+ years prior to transition in order to design and execute an effective plan. Optimizing revenue, expense management, and net profit are primary factors in determining value in addition to a properly built platform (depending on your model). Do you understand your practice’s financials and know how to maximize value at the time of transition?

Four Key Stages Of Dental Practice Consulting


We perform a financial assessment to understand the health of the business and where money is being left on the table. We host a strategy meeting to review and develop your goals for growth. Lastly, we come onsite to review your infrastructure and operations, develop your vision, and create a custom work plan.


Based upon your unique goals, we build and implement the necessary platform to grow and scale your business. These building blocks include Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Procurement, Marketing, Revenue Cycle Management, and Call Center depending on your model.


With an effective platform now in place, together we focus on generating organic growth, performing acquisitions, and raising capital. In this phase, owner dentists have evolved their role to become the CEO of their company, driving growth and executing on their vision.


Upon effectively growing and scaling their business, many dentists will seek a path to monetize their success. We work with dentists to fulfill this vision to take chips off the table, monetize their business, or leverage this success to fund their next venture.