Dental Practice Consulting Services

Elevate Your Dental Business with Aligned Dental Partners

We customize our dental practice management solutions based on each client’s unique goals and follow a proven four-step method that creates success for our clients. Aligned Dental Partners’ “Analyze, Build, Grow, Monetize” approach helps our clients through each phase of their practice life cycle. This method provides entrepreneurial dentists, groups, and emerging DSOs with the framework in which to take their business from inception to exit with significantly more value and at an accelerated pace that could not be done independently.

Dental Practice Consulting

For solo dentists or solo offices, Aligned Dental Partners provides innovative dental consulting services. Our primary focus is growing the net income of the business. Leveraging industry-proven practice management systems and techniques, we implement policies and procedures designed to create organic growth and help your practice run as a true business. We reduce fixed costs in the business by negotiating better rates with your vendors, and provide economies of scale through your affiliation with our management company. Lastly, we implement a dashboard system to highlight key practice metrics, identify growth potential, prevent and avoid embezzlement, and hold the team accountable.

Group Practice Consulting

For dental groups seeking to build their platform, acquire additional locations, and increase their enterprise value, we provide consulting services tailored to this growing demographic. Our philosophy is to maintain a doctor-owned, doctor-led model, in which the clinician sets the standard of care and drives the pace of growth. Aligned Dental Partners helps to identify, underwrite, and execute mergers and acquisitions to expand your group and can advise on building your appropriate legal and organizational structure to accomplish your goals. We will help to create or improve your infrastructure to effectively manage and operate a multi-location dental group. Lastly, we advise on the steps required to achieve a premium valuation available to groups in today’s market.

DSO Consulting

For emerging DSOs looking to build their platform, increase EBITDA, or monetize their business, Aligned Dental Partners is uniquely qualified to assist with this process. Relying on our years of DSO executive experience, we can develop and implement your strategic plan to ensure that your platform is investment-grade. Using industry-proven organic growth techniques and cost reduction measures, we can dramatically increase EBITDA to grow your cash flow and enterprise value. Aligned Dental Partners can assist in raising capital to refinance debt, fund the development of your platform and infrastructure, or perform acquisitions. Check out our leadership page to learn more about our executive experience managing, operating, and transitioning DSOs.

Group Practice and DSO Platform Services

Group Practices and DSOs rely on a complex management and operational platform to run and support their practices. Aligned Dental Partners builds, outsources, or performs these platform functions for its clients. We create a budget with each group or DSO and implement these administrative and support services in the order that provides maximum value, growth potential, or return on investment for the group. What gaps exist in your current platform and how are you going to build this infrastructure?
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Attract New Patients

The competitive landscape of the dental industry requires savvy marketing expertise to help dental practices connect with their ideal patient. Targeting these specific, profitable patients requires balancing various marketing channels with innovative campaigns and the agility to move resources quickly in order to maximize your marketing ROI.

 Aligned Dental Partners is uniquely positioned as a marketing consultant to guide you through these challenges. With a deep understanding of the dental industry, today’s latest digital marketing innovations and technologies you will find ADP’s coaching invaluable when crafting effective marketing strategies. As a leading dental practice management company, ADP offers extensive services that are designed to streamline operations and optimize marketing efforts for sustained growth and success.

 Many dental practices struggle to determine the best ROI for their marketing dollars. Different markets require different strategies. While branding, website design, ad words, PPC (pay per click), and Search Engine Optimization for dental practices are typically the main focus for a marketing manager, the word-of-mouth referrals, internal marketing programs and even direct mail campaigns could net a significant number of new patients. It is important to accurately track the sources of every new patient and determine the costs involved in supporting that source. Engaging a dental practice management consultant can offer specialized insights and strategies to enhance these efforts, ensuring that every marketing dollar is spent wisely.

 Having access to real-time data related to patient sources, vendor costs, and revenue generated by treatment plans accepted will allow you to analyze the cost of a new patient and the average revenue per patient, by each source of the new patient. Aligned Dental Partner’s consultants can show you how to collect and track this data, and how it can provide you with valuable insights to shape your marketing strategies, ensuring you're making data-driven decisions.

Engaging with Aligned Dental Partners gives you the chance to connect with experts in various niches within the marketing spectrum.  These vendor partnerships can help lower overall marketing costs, increase new patient flow and create a strong brand awareness for your practice. Our clients have seen a significant increase in their online reviews and ratings.

 In a recent survey of 1500 respondents, asked which dentist they would choose based on a google search; 43% answered the dentists with the best online reviews, 19% would choose the closest dentist, 18% would choose the top ranked dentist in the search results and just 14% would choose the cheapest. This puts an emphasis on working with experts familiar with tactics in training the dental staff to get great reviews from every patient.

Aligned Dental Partners provides dental practice management solutions with the necessary foundation, protocols, and systems to build a result-driven marketing strategy. We offer a high level of service with personalized coaching techniques and a proven program that will drive and maximize your marketing ROI.

  • "We chose Aligned Dental Partners upon recommendation because we realized our approach wasn’t working. Prior to bringing on Aligned Dental Partners, we had spent 18 months and a large amount of money with great intentions but poor execution simply because we didn’t know what we didn’t know. ADP was integral in forcing us to, as Dr. Alex Giannini likes to say, “back the truck up” to get the fundamentals in place before we headed down the wrong path and spent more money in areas that weren’t effective in building a true DSO. I have no doubt their systematic approach helped us identify the necessary ingredients and match those with a schedule of responsibilities and deadlines that pushed us toward success. We were able to see the project through not only under budget, but faster than where we would have otherwise been going it alone. It’s still early in our formation, but so far I know it was a good choice and I’d do it again knowing what I know now. I just might start with them earlier to save time, money, and frustration."
    – Dr. Cody Mast, President

    PiP Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Aligned Dental Partners orchestrated the successful merger and integration of four dental companies to form a 12-office DSO.

  • Practice management is a process of continuous improvement. It is not doing one thing 100% better than the next practice – it is doing one hundred things 1% better.

Our Vendor Partners

We are proud to work with the following industry partners to add value and provide infrastructure to our groups and DSOs.