Armando Yanez – Senior Financial Consultant

Armando Yanez is a Senior Financial Consultant at Aligned Dental Partners and provides strategic consulting services to dental groups and DSOs.  Armando serves as a fractional Chief Financial Officer for a variety of clients and helps lead and direct their Finance and Accounting teams.  Armando is a career CFO of with over twenty-five years of experience directing multimillion dollar corporations in international and domestic business environments.

Armando has spent the last 10 years engaged in complex financial business transactions requiring strict adherence to government and commercial regulations in the dental health industry. He has directed financial teams in various other industries ensuring government and commercial compliance through improved efficient processes and employee accountability. Recent accomplishments in the health industry include founding a DSO that ranked number 14 in INC. Magazine fastest 500 growing companies in 2014, and founded Blackford Dental Management Holdings, LLC, his second DSO formation. He has created a business platforms capable of growing revenue organically and through systematic acquisitions, utilizing best operational and financial practices. Under Armando’s leadership, his organizations have completed dozens of acquisitions and the respective companies have tripled their revenues.