Christine Manndel – Senior Consultant

Christine is the Director of Clinical Operations for Aligned Dental Partners. She assists our teams with creating clinical policies and procedures, builds groups’ procurement departments by analyzing their supply chain and optimizing vendor relations. She has worked with various DSOs and Group Practices to drastically reduce the Cost of Goods Sold by creating formularies for dental supplies, labs, office supplies, and all areas of procurement for dental companies. She creates streamlined procurement processes for the company to reduce costs and maximize efficiency. Christine also assists with collection of data across several departments, advises and develops strategic plans, and assists with implementation.

Christine hails from Pennsylvania and is a detail-oriented, highly motivated team member with over 26 years of dental experience. She has taught as a dental professor for seven years and served as the Director of Education for a DSO. She enjoys passing on her passion for dentistry to those eager to learn in the dental field. She has held a variety of roles in a DSO that supported 30 dental offices in three states. She worked her way up quickly through the ranks of that company, showing she has what it takes to succeed and learn all aspects of a DSO and dental group. Working in multiple departments allowed Christine to develop and evaluate goals, and in turn, execute a prescription that will guarantee success for her team. She leverages her strong background in results-oriented management to instrument positive change, continuous improvement, and innovative solutions in all Procurement activities.

Christine has an Associate’s Degree in Electronic Healthcare Records/Healthcare Management and is a CDA and an EFDA in the state of Pennsylvania. When Christine isn’t focused on dentistry, she is focused on her 10-year-old daughter. She loves taking trips and creating memories with her family and friends at their family cabin.

Christine can be reached at [email protected]