Mutsa Dangwa – Hygiene Analyst

Mutsa Dangwa is a Hygiene Analyst at Aligned Dental Partners. She has supported the dental industry as a scheduling coordinator helping the administrative teams of numerous dental practices.  She has extensive experience coordinating practice schedules, assisting with insurance, and converting new patients into the practice.

Mutsa’s role as a Hygiene Analyst is to support the Aligned Dental Partners hygiene team by gathering, interpreting, and using complex data to understand productivity and efficiency of hygienists across North America.  Her main objective is to assess client needs and perform a gap analysis of dental hygiene performance related to the clinical standard of care and provide.  Mutsa uses her skillset to perform procedure code analyses and benchmark data compared to industry statistics.  Her data and analytics lead to actionable feedback to clients who are seeking to elevate their clinical standard of care.

Mutsa holds a B.S. in Industrial Design Engineering from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Mutsa can be reached at [email protected]